Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bus Fares Reverted

. . . As of 24th April 2010, bus fares was raised to YR30. Why? Because they said that the price for petrol, gas, and benzene was raised..

Unfortunately, a few days ago the bus fares has been reverted back to it's normal pric, YR20. It seems that the rise in bus fares was not official, not approved by the government. The weird thing was that the Traffic Police Officers were in it as well!!! They were stationed at every bus points and telling the passengers that the bus fares will be YR30 from then on.

I guess the bus drivers and Traffic Police Officers had made a pact in ensuring the bus fares is raised to YR30. Not only was the bus fares raised but the number of buses had decreased dramatically as well so that pedestrians will have no choice but to take the bus and pay YR30 because of shortage in buses.

Anyway, I am still on holiday and it is still unclear wether classes will be starting next week or not. Even if it does, perhaps only 3-4 months of classes and then holidays again until the 10th of Muharram next year.

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